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Cart Modularity Project

Exploration of opportunities for modularity in Rubbermaid carts

Solo intern project for Newell Rubbermaid


Navigate information organization systems at company, collaborate with marketing and industrial designs teams, Design for manufacturing and assembly



Project Summary

The goal of my project was to use modular components to decrease and cost of manufacturing and time needed for future design time.


Over 12 components

My Design

6 components

Concept Development

I focused on how to commonize components using modular adapters and an upright design that would be easier for components to interface with.

I narrowed and chose a final concept based on a decision matrix with weighted design criteria.

Final Design and Prototypes


Adapted Shelf

The new design uses an adapter and new shelf design so the same shelf can act as top, middle or bottom shelf and fit any geometry. These changes will result in a 30% decrease in standard cost based on past sales volume data.

I adapted an existing cart to work with printed FDM parts.

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