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Electronic soccer passing trainer



Northwestern Interdisciplinary Design Project Group working with NU Men's Varsity Soccer Team

Design for assembly, quick prototyping, standardized performance and user testing

In the news: 

Assists helps soccer players practice passing when they are alone.


It is a system of electronic targets that mimic the variability of open players in a soccer game using different light sequences.


It records data on accuracy and timing of the pass using IR sensors and sends this feedback to the player through a mobile application.

Prototyping and Iteration

We made many prototypes by adapting existing products or re-using scrap materials found in the shop in order to test quickly and often. I learned how to make effective models that were robust to the impact of a soccer ball and could teach us a lot in a short amount of time.

Started with existing goal to start testing concept early

Needed sturdier frame to hold and align sensors

Used longer and heavier body to improve stability when hit

Used heavy back edge from previous iteration but improved portability

Built in weight and cleat-like pins into legs to improve portability farther

Early Iteration

Final Design

User and Performance Testing

We organized and performed standardized testing to gain feedback on how the user interacted with the design and how the design reacted to the stresses from impact. I gained experience in writing test plans and observing users to get useful insights.

Final Design

It was very robust to the impact of a hit from a soccer ball and overcame the challenge of getting a lightweight frame to stay in place on turf through the use of "cleats" along the bottom that went into the turf when hit.

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